from the cradle to the grave

From the cradle to the grave is the point of view that reflects on different times of a person’s life. These pieces are connected to love and courtship, childhood, daily life and careers as well as death, burial and memory.

Room I


Audioguide Ítarefni : Mother Earth

Jón Stefánsson 1915

Extras : Shy Girl

Þorbjörg Pálsdóttir 1967

I Vitrine-love


Extras : Wheel of Fortune

artist unknown 1855 1855

I Vitrine-Life at Laxá


Extras Ítarefni : The Parish Register

Grenjaðarstaðir 1742-1994 1742-1994

Room II


Extras Ítarefni : Daily Routines

artist unknown 1800-1850


Extras : The Book of Heynes

artist unknown 1400-1500

III Vitrine-Memory

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