• Handritaklefi

Again and again

The history of art is for the most part a history of repetition. Artists receive the legacy of a previous generation and hand it onward to the next. One of the most enduring phenomena in Icelandic imagery, the bine, is a good example of this. Variations on the bine are repeated again & again in manuscript illuminations, carvings, metal works, embroidery and contemporary art.


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Extras : Guðbrandur's-Bible

Guðbrandur Þorláksson 1584


Extras : Skautbúningur

óþekktar listakonur gullsmíði eftir Magnús Erlendsson 1911


Extras : Altar Cloth

 artist unknown 1500-1550

Þjóðminjasafn  Íslands

Extras : Chest

artist unknown 1700

II Vitrine-bine

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III Vitrine-

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