• Eggert-Petursson-Veggspjald-hins-islenska-natturufrae_ifelags-1985

Iceland's Flora

Eggert Pétursson 1985

Eggert Pétursson's watercolour is a prototype of the poster Iceland's Flora that he made for The Icelandic Natural History Society in 1985. The poster has 63 species of Icelandic vascular plants which is nearly 15% of all vascular plants in Iceland. The species in Iceland's Flora are split into four groups in relation to the environment they live in: 1) Gravel plain vegetation (14 species), 2) grass plain vegetation (27 species), 3) marsh plain vegetation (9 species) and 4) floral plain vegetation (12 species).


Eggert was assisted by natural scientists when choosing the plants and their arrangement on the poster, including the chairman of the Natural History Society, botanist Ágúst H. Bjarnason. Ágúst was entrusted to contact Eggert regarding the creation of the poster and Eggert had made a good name for himself as an artist, for example by illustrating the book Íslensk flóra með litmyndum (Icelandic Flora in Colour), published by Iðunn publishing in 1983. That book is considered an important milestone in Eggert's artistic career as he has used botany as a cornerstone in his paintings ever since. Here the original is on display for the first time in a public exhibition.


Property of the Icelandic Natural History Society

In custody of the Icelandic Museum of Natural History since 2014