• Predikunarstóll Hjalta Þorsteinssonar


Hjalti Þorsteinsson 1725-1733

This pulpit is from the church in Vatnsfjörður in Ísafjarðardjúp, carved by reverend Hjalti Þorsteinsson who was a priest there from 1692 to 1742. He also built the church and decorated the interiors with murals that are unfortunately lost now.
The pulpit is carved in Baroque style and the top is adorned with the following scripture: Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it. Underneath the text are embossed images of Christ and the evangelists John, Mark, Matthew and Luke. Each stands on his own platform and the platforms are marked with their individual symbols: Christ with the Lamb of God, John with an eagle, Mark with a winged lion, Matthew with an angel and Luke with a bull. The bottom of the pulpit is decorated with carved angels.
The carvings are of high quality and bear witness to good craftsmanship although not made by a professional woodcutter. The pulpit is different from any other Icelandic work of a similar nature. Reverend Hjalti received formal education in music (singing and playing various instruments) in Copenhagen but he also studied art. As well as woodcarving he is best known for his paintings and among his extant works are paintings of bishops, priests and magistrates.

Þjms 10476
The National Museum of Iceland