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Farms in Eyjafjörður

Guðmundur Júlíus Frímannsson 1975-1980

These drawings are the imagined appearance of the turf farms that used to lie deep in the Eyjafjörður area 1874-1946. The artist was Guðmundur Júlíus Frímannsson, a teacher and headmaster at Hjalteyri. He originally started making these drawings because a friend of his asked him to sketch up a few farms based on research by Dr. Jónas Rafnar for his book of farm descriptions and drawings from Eyjafjörður published in 1975. Jónas sketched out the farms' floor plans but had little information on the actual appearance of the farms.

Guðmundur kept drawing these farms for fun in his spare time in the 1970s. He based these drawings primarily on Jónas' book as well as getting directions from teacher Sigurður Gunnar Jóhannesson who was knowledgeable about some of these turf farms. He also had photographs of some of the farms for reference. The drawings are all labelled with the relevant farm and the dates from Jónas Rafnar's book.


Lbs 5343 4to

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